Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rain, rain go away. Please come again another day!

"Happy to have my MCR poncho!"
Here in Ohio, we're in what seems like our 10th week of rain. It's really raining here -- a lot.

The shows, however, must go on! Concerts, festivals, Fairs!  I love fair food - especially fried dough, aka elephant ears.  Mmmmm, sugary, fried, fluffy on the inside...so yummy...  but I digress.

Recently, when my husband and I were attending a Paul Bunyan show, a huge rainstorm blew in from nowhere. Everyone ran for cover; the barns were packed. It was uncomfortable to be in wet clothes all day even for the ride home.  The show was great, the vendors top notch, but I didn't spend as much time there as I would have liked because our clothes were wet.

We've also done volunteer first aid events where the weather has been wet. Our ill and injured patients need to be kept dry while waiting for advanced medical care or transport. That's another instance when having an emergency rain poncho is useful. Disposability in this case is important.

There are millions of other times when wanting, or needing, to stay dry is a necessity. Our MCR economy rain ponchos can help. Small enough to keep in a purse, pocket or knapsack, they'll be a welcome addition to your 72-hour emergency kit.

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