Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rain, rain go away. Please come again another day!

"Happy to have my MCR poncho!"
Here in Ohio, we're in what seems like our 10th week of rain. It's really raining here -- a lot.

The shows, however, must go on! Concerts, festivals, Fairs!  I love fair food - especially fried dough, aka elephant ears.  Mmmmm, sugary, fried, fluffy on the inside...so yummy...  but I digress.

Recently, when my husband and I were attending a Paul Bunyan show, a huge rainstorm blew in from nowhere. Everyone ran for cover; the barns were packed. It was uncomfortable to be in wet clothes all day even for the ride home.  The show was great, the vendors top notch, but I didn't spend as much time there as I would have liked because our clothes were wet.

We've also done volunteer first aid events where the weather has been wet. Our ill and injured patients need to be kept dry while waiting for advanced medical care or transport. That's another instance when having an emergency rain poncho is useful. Disposability in this case is important.

There are millions of other times when wanting, or needing, to stay dry is a necessity. Our MCR economy rain ponchos can help. Small enough to keep in a purse, pocket or knapsack, they'll be a welcome addition to your 72-hour emergency kit.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Reintroducing MCR keychain mask and glove kits!

MCR Medical Supply CPR keychain with Ambu mask and gloves
They're back --we are proud to announce the release our new CPR keychain with nitrile gloves!

A while ago MCR Medical Supply offered a CPR key chain pouch kit with gloves, but quality manufacturers stopped making the kits a couple years ago and good, pre-made kits became hard to find. The pouches in the market became a little shoddy and the masks started showing up from unknown parties. We decided then that we would not offer a kit, rather than offer one of the available but lower quality kits. Even the big name kits on the market today leave much to be desired.
As a result, last year we decided to start assembling the kits ourselves and have been working on the project since. Finally, we found a manufacturer willing to make us a nice pouch, then convinced Ambu to provide the masks in bulk, and ultimately decided to include a pair of Adenna nitrile gloves to both complete and compliment the contents. 

The compact, easy to use Ambu CPR Res-Cue Key mask in the kits feature a CPR face shield with one-way valve that prevents contamination of the outer surface of the mask and has elastic bands to secure the mask to the patient. The Ambu mask also includes a handy instruction card that illustrates how to apply the mask and a reminder of the CPR basics.

The gloves are 4mil nitrile, which out perform the vinyl gloves found in most other kits. The texture on the gloves provides a strong grip in both dry and wet applications. The Adenna Precision Nitrile Gloves ensure maximum dexterity as well as superior puncture and tear resistance making these an overall excellent choice in barrier protection.

The kits are assembled here in Ohio by our staff.  We understand that some folks want to supply their own preferred gloves, so the CPR keychain mask kit without gloves is also available.

Thank you for your patience while we worked to develop and manufacture this new product.  We're especially excited to reintroduce our own kit, and appreciate the opportunity to once again be your supplier of CPR keychains with or without gloves!

Monday, June 8, 2015

If Goldilocks taught CPR...

MCR refillable training mask

Do your pocket training masks make you feel like Goldilocks?  'It's too full! It's not full enough.  It needs refilled!'   Get ready to feel that way no more. We listened to what our instructors were saying and have manufactured (what I think) is the first CPR training mask that has a re-inflatable air bladder!

As an instructor, it's hard for my new students to get the hang of how to position the mask correctly on the manikin's face, let alone make a good seal with their hands and give a breath sufficient to create a visible chest rise.  Some folks say their mask isn't full enough, but I remind them that in order to create a good seal, you'll need that mask to conform to the contours of your patient's face.  If your mask's air bladder is overinflated it won't work any better than if it was completely deflated. 

MCR Medical Supply’s re-inflatable training masks allow you to customize or refill your training mask’s air bladder! With the included syringe, you can add or remove air from the bladder, individualizing the CPR training pocket mask to best fit the contours of your manikin.

The non-collapsible CPR training mask is a cost-effective solution for teaching CPR without using a more expensive rescue mask. The mask’s stems are fully compatible with all brands of universal CPR valves and because the washable trainers are capable of being decontaminated per CDC guidelines, they’re reusable and help maximize your training dollar!

The set of individually packaged masks includes a FREE pack of ten MCR Medical Supply disposable CPR training valves. These valves give your student the most realistic rescue mask training experience possible as they duplicate field-use rescue valves in form and function. 

MCR Medical Supply’s training CPR masks should be inspected and disinfected after use, replacing as necessary. The masks do not have an oxygen port and are designed for training purposes only.

A YouTube video on how the masks function is in production, so stay tuned!