Monday, June 8, 2015

If Goldilocks taught CPR...

MCR refillable training mask

Do your pocket training masks make you feel like Goldilocks?  'It's too full! It's not full enough.  It needs refilled!'   Get ready to feel that way no more. We listened to what our instructors were saying and have manufactured (what I think) is the first CPR training mask that has a re-inflatable air bladder!

As an instructor, it's hard for my new students to get the hang of how to position the mask correctly on the manikin's face, let alone make a good seal with their hands and give a breath sufficient to create a visible chest rise.  Some folks say their mask isn't full enough, but I remind them that in order to create a good seal, you'll need that mask to conform to the contours of your patient's face.  If your mask's air bladder is overinflated it won't work any better than if it was completely deflated. 

MCR Medical Supply’s re-inflatable training masks allow you to customize or refill your training mask’s air bladder! With the included syringe, you can add or remove air from the bladder, individualizing the CPR training pocket mask to best fit the contours of your manikin.

The non-collapsible CPR training mask is a cost-effective solution for teaching CPR without using a more expensive rescue mask. The mask’s stems are fully compatible with all brands of universal CPR valves and because the washable trainers are capable of being decontaminated per CDC guidelines, they’re reusable and help maximize your training dollar!

The set of individually packaged masks includes a FREE pack of ten MCR Medical Supply disposable CPR training valves. These valves give your student the most realistic rescue mask training experience possible as they duplicate field-use rescue valves in form and function. 

MCR Medical Supply’s training CPR masks should be inspected and disinfected after use, replacing as necessary. The masks do not have an oxygen port and are designed for training purposes only.

A YouTube video on how the masks function is in production, so stay tuned!

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