Saturday, August 24, 2013

Great for general hand protection, vinyl gloves are a household and training staple!


Looking for general purpose medical and/or training use gloves? Surecare offers quality soft, supple beaded-cuff examination gloves for single use in non-sterile environments.

Sold in a dispenser-ready box that holds 100 gloves, they are also available by the case. The case contains 1,000 gloves packaged as 10 boxes. 

100% latex and powder-free exam gloves comply with US ASTM standards.  That means you can use them to refill your OSHA required first aid kits!
The smooth finish gloves, made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), are manufactured with sensitive individuals in mind as they contain no protein. Why are protein and powder free gloves recommended for sensitive persons? This answer from the CDC:
      Proteins responsible for latex allergies are attached to glove powder. When powdered gloves are worn, more latex protein reaches the skin. Also, when gloves are put on or removed, particles of latex protein powder become aerosolized and can be inhaled, contacting mucous membranes. As a result, allergic health care personnel and patients can experience symptoms related to cutaneous, respiratory, and conjunctival exposure. Health care personnel can become sensitized to latex proteins after repeated exposure. Work areas where only powder-free, low-allergen (i.e. reduced-protein) gloves are used show low or undetectable amounts of allergy-causing proteins.

Whether teaching a CPR/AED and First Aid class, coloring your hair, or working in food preparation, vinyl gloves work well for general hand protection. Shop our store and stock up today!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Responding without hesitation

Ambu® CPR Res-Cue Key® Keychain, CB-3021
CPR masks are necessary while performing CPR or rescue breathing as they help prevent transmission of harmful bacteria.

While we now train predominately with rescue or pocket masks, these aren't always practical to carry around with us on a lanyard, on our key ring, or even in our purse.

For a great any patient, any place alternative, Ambu manufactures this CPR mask and pouch. Ambu, a worldwide leader in professional rescuer equipment is a name synonymous with quality resuscitation supplies Their products can be found anywhere patient care is being performed - from the ambulance to the OR, Ambu is designed, used and trusted by those in the emergency response and patient care field.  

This individually packaged CPR key chain is branded with the Ambu logo. The 2" x 2" ultra-compact, easy to use CPR Res-Cue Key features a CPR face shield with a one-way valve that prevents contamination of the outer surface of the mask. The woven nylon pouch even has a standard key ring hook so you can easily take it with you - on a keychain, belt, or on a lanyard.

Resuscitation is simplified as the latex free mask secures over the patient's ears for hands-free rescuer operation. Essential operating instructions are printed on the semi-transparent barrier, which also allows the rescuer to monitor the patient's color and response. It's great as an all around CPR mask, as one size fits children to adults.

We all learned in class to wear our PPE during CPR. Now you can respond with greater confidence knowing you'll be protecting both you and your patient as you work toward ROSC - a successful resuscitation!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Introducing the most realistic CPR training valve on the market today!


Bringing innovation to the world of CPR training, MCR Medical Supply introduces the most realistic CPR training valve on the market today!

Teach your students with what they will be using out there in the field, and they'll be even more ready to respond. 

The trainers feature an integral air filter and valve that obstruct the flow of contaminants. These valves give your student the most realistic rescue mask training experience possible as they duplicate field-use rescue valves in both form and function.

They are packaged as 10 valves per box, and while they do not include a training rescue mask, those can be found in our store. 

Shop today to see these, plus our CPR training pocket masks, available in Adult, Child and Infant sizes. There's even a collapsible adult mask!   

Whether it's training BVMs, Prestan CPR manikins or First Aid student training kits, MCR Medical Supply is your premier source for CPR and First Aid Instructor supplies.