Thursday, December 23, 2010

It doesn't have to be a textbook save....

Ohio mailman has saved 3 lives

A perfect example of being in the right place at the right time ...with the right tools (knowledge) under your belt.

Welcome! And a little bit about us.

Hello and welcome! This blog is sponsored by the online retailer, MCR Medical Supply,, and we're here to discuss CPR/First Aid topics, hoping to share some of our knowledge and practical field experience. Read on to learn a little bit about us and our company.

MCR Medical Supply, incorporated July 2008, was founded by the husband and wife team of Charlie and Karen Morrison. Both are seasoned CPR/First Aid instructors as well as instructor trainers.
In their capacity as instructors and instructor trainers, Charlie and Karen knew all too well the financial and logistic hurdles faced when trying to ensure students left class with the right tools to help save lives. While working with their local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), they further recognized the desperate need to have supplies that were easy to use, worked well, and all at an affordable price.

Knowing the need was great; Charlie and Karen sought to help meet the needs of their CERT, their fellow instructors and the emergency response community as a whole. No small task, but their desire to "get quality supplies into the hands of more folks" coalesced into what became MCR Medical Supply, Inc.

Experience abounds in the education, disaster and emergency response fields for both Karen and Charlie. Most recently, Charlie, as former CERT Director and Karen, as former CERT Training & Education Officer, trained their county’s citizens in the Homeland Security program (CERT) designed to help individuals better prepare and respond to emergency situations within their communities.

Charlie volunteered many years with his local Red Cross Chapter’s Disaster Services Department. Volunteering countless hours as an on-call disaster response team leader, Charlie often responded to heart-breaking home fires, aiding families in their immediate need for shelter, food and clothing. Charlie’s remarkable ability to think through the entire problem, decide how to address the most urgent issues and then determine future needs was indispensable as he advanced to emergency shelter manager and Disaster Services Instructor.

Karen’s aspirations toward instructing began at an early age. As the daughter of a teacher, education and sharing her knowledge has always been part of her character. The American Red Cross provided a perfect venue to express her teaching desire. Graduating from volunteer to staff instructor to instructor trainer, Karen took an active role in program improvements. A member of the Chapter’s Quality Control audit team, she always looked for ways to better present crucial CPR and First Aid topics to students all while making sure they walk away from class confident with their knowledge and ready to respond in any emergency situation.

For Karen, emergency response was not limited to a classroom setting. With her background in teaching, level-headed thinking and years of study, joining her Red Cross Chapter’s First Aid Service Corps (FASC) was a natural choice. The FASC team provides support to medics of the Columbus Division of Fire. Working most major football, soccer and concert venues, the volunteers of FASC are the initial responders to patron medical emergencies. Being on the Response Team allowed Karen to bring her experience back to the classroom making for pertinent lectures and real world answers to student questions.

So, after many years of learning, teaching and teaching others to teach First Aid and CPR topics, Charlie and Karen were presented with the opportunity to provide the physical tools needed to help people act on their knowledge of how to save lives. Seeing this as a chance to make our communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond in any emergency situation, the web store was born.

Thank you for following! We hope to present topics and discussions aimed at real world first aid applications for everyday folk. We'll learn some things along the way to be sure, and perhaps empower someone to help save the life of a person in need.