Monday, September 19, 2016

Why We Only Sell Prestan Manikins

Everyday at work I come across stories about how CPR training helped save a life. I often wonder if having the right CPR manikin during training helps with some of these positive outcomes. Pondering this question is how I came up with the idea for this blog post. 
Our owners, Karen and Charlie Morrison have chosen to sell only Prestan manikins here at MCR Medical. Both are seasoned CPR/First Aid instructors as well as instructor trainers. Of course this means they have plenty of experience with using CPR manikins. 
Recently I spoke with Charlie about why they chose Prestan. "It was Karen's preference" was his initial response. Even though the old saying 'Happy wife. Happy life' rings true in a lot of cases, I pressed him for a few more details. He began to share that Prestan manikins are first and foremost the best manikins for teaching CPR and BLS. He also explained that simply being easier to tote around makes them a better choice for trainers. They are lighter than most and the nylon carry case that comes with them are great!
Since I began here a few months ago, I myself have learned a thing or two about our CPR manikins. First, having the option of a rate monitor in the manikins is a tremendous tool in training students. The LED indicators allow for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding their rate of chest compressions. This design was revolutionary for CPR manikins and CPR training. The use of the lung bags to monitor the proper chest rise are wonderful as well as the actual chest size when training with AED's make them versatile for other BLS training. Little things like the realistic feel of the manikin and how easy they are to keep clean were great selling points as well. 
The right tool for the job certainly rings true in this case. If you haven't used Prestan manikins, I encourage you to try them. You won't be disappointed.