Thursday, December 24, 2015

Working here at MCR has been a blast these past few months. Time truly does fly when you are having fun! It’s not just been having fun though, I’m also educating myself and others every day, which I consider a blessing. With that education comes knowledge and since I’ve had quite a few inquiries about various products, I would like to share some updates with you.

As we’ve fielded a lot of calls about the elastic bandages that we once carried, here now is the low down on them. While inspecting the product, the quality control team noticed that many of the bandages showed poor manufacturing quality.  As an organization that stands behind their quality, these particular bandages did not meet our exacting standards. For that reason they were removed from the product line. 
Quality is a top priority. And part of our company philosophy is one of distinction from the competition. One way we do that is to stock products that are above and beyond what our competitors sell. Another differentiating factor is that MCR Medical Supply endeavors to provide you with a quality product at an amazing price.
Our elastic bandage product was a very popular item and because of that we have been working hard to find a manufacturer who can meet our exacting standards of quality and price. That’s not as simple as it sounds and a lot of research and tests need to be run to ensure that it is a quality product that is importantly, latex free and safe for distribution. For our loyal customers who are constantly reaching out to us regarding these elastic bandages, fear not! We have an estimated delivery of our new and improved elastic bandages for -- Spring 2016!
Another hot topic item is our MCR Re-Inflatable training mask. Here, we have taken a CPR training staple and improved it. On-the-go trainers who constantly use their masks, you will understand how a re-inflatable air bladder on our training masks provide tangible benefits.
Being able to form a tight seal with your hands around the mask so that it conforms well to the manikin’s face is necessary; air won’t enter the lungs, the chest won’t rise and valuable training time is wasted if students struggle to see the chest rise.
When using one of our MCR Re-Inflatable masks you are able to customize the mask to better fit your training manikin, deflating or inflating the mask to form a tighter seal around the manikin’s nose and mouth. With appropriately inflated masks, students will find it easier to make a proper seal and spend more time perfecting this life saving technique.
Another benefit of MCR Medical Supply’s Re-Inflatable CPR training mask is longevity of use. With training budgets stretched to the max, this is one piece of equipment you won’t discard nearly as often. Find a bladder that has gone flat before a big class? No need to panic, simply re-inflate it to your specific volume need with the included air syringe!
The ten-pack training masks, available in both adult and infant sizes, come complete with the air syringe and a complementary pack of ten training valves.
Thanks for checking in with us and be sure to peruse all the budget-saving deals at We’re looking forward to a New Year of expanded inventory, new product offerings, and as always all with our standard, “Wow! That was fast!” shipping.