Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The MCR Medical CPR mask drought is finally over!


 Summer sales have been especially brisk this year.  I suppose that's true for the season too. I distinctly remember telling someone, "you know, it's just six months til Christmas!"  Now, it's a little more than four months!  Lamentably, where has the time gone?
Looks too, like everyone is having their previously strangled training budget-belts slightly loosened. They can replace their 15+ year old CPR training manikins with new Prestan ones. I know I for one am getting much too old to lug those Laerdal Annes up and down flights of stairs. 

I'm looking forward to having one of my favorite products back in stock, our Adult/Child Training BVM in a hard case. The infant is great too, but as an old CPR rescuer, I never learned to resuscitate using a truly infant sized BVM.  We worked with what we had and nine times out of ten, that was an adult Ambu bag.  

The carrying case that holds the training BVM's contents is awesome.  Roomy enough to add other training necessities and sturdy enough to last through a couple drops - oopsie!  My students get a real feeling for what can be described as the art of resuscitating using a bag valve mask; without fail they say it's not as easy as it looks on TV!  That comment always makes me laugh.

Our restocking shipment is set to arrive this Monday, August 18, 2014.  In that shipment will be our training masks (MCRTM-I / MCRTM-A) and yes, they will still come with free training valves (MCRTV)!  Also coming are RM-2033s, RM-2071s and our adult/child as well as infant training BVMs.      

Thank you everyone for your patience during our supply drought.  It is very much appreciated as is your continued shopper loyalty.  We promise to keep bringing you great CPR and First Aid supplies! Now, if we could only get the American Heart Association to let us stock their books and DVDs.....