Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My directorial debut

I'm so excited!

Last Thursday, we shot the video for the new Prestan Professional AED trainer.  What a great learning experience!  It was so cool to see the behind the scenes - to see what it really takes to make, what looks to us, a seamless one-take video.  One take ..ha!  How many times can the talent point to that button?! Or close that lid?!  I admire their patience and perseverance.

We're working with the folks at Jumpstart Video Productions and the voice talent of Theresa Seiders at That's All She Read Voice Overs.  What a great group of professionals. I can't wait to see the finished product, feeling now like a kid on Christmas Eve.

I hope to share the video with you all soon - sometime around the first of December.  We're doing something else rather cool too.  Shooting an introductory video, kind of a,' Hey, check out this new product' thing as well as instructional segments on how to put the unit together, work the buttons and such.  I've been getting quite a few calls lately from customers who want to see it in action.  Patience grasshoppa, patience.

So!  Make sure to stay tuned as I'll be posting the videos soon.

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