Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Read on for a great save story from today's guest blogger - Robin


While on a camping trip many years ago, 12 year old Carl tripped while playing. A toy gun he had been holding stabbed into the side of his head. His 13 year old brother Chris made him lie down and stay still, and immediately applied pressure in order to stop the bleeding. While protecting the wound, Chris radioed for help. (They were in a remote area). Help arrived in the form of brother #3, Charlie.

Charlie quickly inspected the wound. The skull was exposed, which is truly frightening, but they knew what to do. Charlie and Chris bandaged Carl's head and headed for the nearest hospital. Carl walked into the emergency room with a brother on each side, and as is frequently the case, had to wait....and wait....

When the Dr. finally decided to treat Carl, he was astonished at the severity of the injury, and complimented Chris and Charlie on the expert care and bandaging job. They had superficially looked at Carl upon arrival, and due to the good bandaging and the fact that he had walked into the hospital, they did not think that the wound was serious (even though they had been told differently).

Now for the life lesson: Always carry a severely  injured person into the emergency room. If you carry the injured person, he or she will get treated much more promptly!

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